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Taradactyl Designs

Taradactyl Designs is a small online business based in Florida. Taradactyl Designs first began business in 2014 selling friendship bracelets on Etsy under another name. The Etsy shop was then branded into a website called Lazy Day Creations. This allowed for a wider variety of items to be sold. Due to confusion, Taradactyl Designs overtook Lazy Day Creations and thus they have been combined ever since.

In the future you may see items like printouts, belly rings, postcards, candles and more! This makes Taradactyl Designs a great place to buy a gift for a friend, relative, significant other, or even yourself. When you shop at Taradactyl Designs you are guaranteed an easy shopping experience. Remember, the future of Taradactyl Designs holds a lot, so make sure to follow our social media accounts to get the latest updates and a behind the scenes look at what’s going on!

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Friendship Bracelets

These stylish boho bracelets provide your with a beachy edge. These bracelets can be worn as bracelets or anklets (depending on the size).

Beaded Jewlery

These beaded accessories complement every outfit for every occasion and come in a variety of colors.

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Organize your everyday life with these affordable printouts.