About Me


Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Videographer | Photographer | Gamer | Crafter | Animal Lover


My name is Tara and I am 22-year-old digital media student.
Playing with colors and ideas is something I’ve always enjoyed.

I’m awesome at making HTML websites, as well as making websites on WordPress. But web design isn’t the only thing I enjoy. I also enjoy video production, graphic design, photography, and gaming. I also have a very strong passion for animals, but you wont find as much about animals on my website as you will digital media.

I was first introduced to the digital media world when I was very young. As a young girl, I would mostly play on the paint application. I had a strong passion for drawing, coloring, crafting, collecting writing utensils, paper, stickers, and any other office supply you could think. From about third to fifth grade, knowledge of the digital media world expanded. I began using Paint to make collages and I would use pictures of my friends and I to draw over them and make them look cartooney. I also began exploring free online web builders, such as Freewebs. In seventh grade, I joined MySpace and Tumblr, and this is where my web design skills took a turn. I learned basic HTML and CSS, which mostly consisted of coding colors, images, fonts, borders, and few other things.

Since then, I have learned so much about coding. I got a job at my mom’s marketing company. I graduated high school and began taking digital media classes at St. Petersburg College.

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