Time to start preparing for your spring garden! Here are some of my favorite gardening resources to help you get started!

CaliKim29 – CaliKim is a YouTuber who lives in Southern California in a climate similar to Florida’s. Her motto is “quick, simple, and inexpensive” because that’s the best way to begin gardening. Her channel revolves around vegetable gardening and she is very knowledgeable with hundreds of videos to help you. Her videos range from 3 minutes to an hour and a half on all different topics – tomatoes, peppers, starting seeds, pests, composting, and more.

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) – Gary Pilarchik is a tomato and vegetable gardener on YouTube. The Rusted Garden, located in Maryland, just came to a close after 15 years. Gary just moved into an 1867 farmhouse, and will continue his gardening adventures with a non-profit organization allowing those who have special needs to garden with him. Gary has many videos similar to CaliKim’s. What you can’t find on her channel, you may be able to find on his, and vice versa.

Farmer’s Almanac Growing Guides – Farmer’s Almanac provides you with tons of resources for gardening. On their website, you can check the planting calendar for recommended planting and growing dates, learn how to grow certain plants using the growing guides, and they also have videos, podcasts, and so much more! Farmer’s Almanac also has a book available for purchase, and also book sets.

Burpee – This is a name you’ll be seeing a lot as a gardener. Burpee sells their seeds in many stores, and they’re quite reliable. Like Farmer’s Almanac, Burpee’s website has many tools and resources available to use. On their website, you can check your growing zone, and use the growing zone calendar to help determine when you should start your seedlings and transplant them. Burpee has an advice center with tons of articles to help you become a better gardener. Each plant’s page has an in-depth “growing information” section, which describes how to care for the plant. Sign up now to get a free 2019 seed catalog!

Baker Creek – Baker Creek sells heirloom seeds on their website ranging from vegetables, to herbs, to flowers. They have some unique plants on their website. They also have a growing guide, but it’s not as in-depth as other websites. Every year, they free seed catalogs, but unfortunately they are out of 2019 catalogs. Luckily, you can still view it here. Alternatively, you can purchase their Whole Seed Catalog. You don’t need a catalog to order seeds though. You can order directly from the Baker Creek website.

PictureThis – PictureThis instantly identifies plants from photos and is quite a helpful app when learning about wild plants. The plants also does well at identifying trees. You can view the plants you’ve collected, and also the plants other people have found as well. PictureThis has an accuracy rate of 90%, and has collected 4,400+ plants and counting!