About Taradactyl Designs

Web Design . Graphic Design . Videography . Photography . Gaming . Crafting

My name is Tara and I am 24-year-old digital media student.

Digital Media Background

Creating content is something I have always enjoyed. I was first introduced into the digital media world when I was very young. I would sneak onto my mom’s computer when she wasn’t using it for work and mess around with the paint application. This is when I discovered my passion of drawing, coloring, crafting, collection, writing utensils, paper, stickers, and any other office supply you can think of. From about third to fifth grade my knowledge of the digital media world expanded. I discovered YouTube and spent time creating short videos with my friends. I also revisited my old friend Microsoft Paint and made repeating backgrounds for all our YouTube channels. When they discovered my talent with Microsoft Paint, I began recreating their favorite photos in a cartoony style. I also began exploring free website builders (mostly so we could embed games and play them at school since most of the good websites were blocked). After 6th grade I began a new school, and I was introduced two more websites that expanded my knowledge in web design – Tumblr and Myspace. These two websites allowed me to learn HTML and CSS coding, and boy did I. By the time high school came around I was pretty confident in the things I was creating, and I took a short break from creating any content all together… That is until I began working for my mom’s marketing company doing all types of media work like web design, graphic design, video editing, SEO, and more. Now, I am college student studying video production learning all the tips and tricks of becoming a proficient video editor, writer, and producer. All in all, I’ve always enjoyed the digital media world and creating things from my computer at any time from any location. I plan to keep creating content and sharing it with the world. What’s next you may ask? I think the next thing on my agenda is either diving deeper into animation or learning more about game design. I guess you will have to visit my portfolio and see. Thanks for reading.

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