Digital Art & Design

Elements and Principles

AKA: My name is… Use your name in different fonts + all the white space given to describe a theme.

Circle Triangle Square

9 images using only 3 shapes. Column #1 – Circles, Column #2 – Squares, Column #3 – Triangles.

Flying Fork Menu

11 different menu designs. Credits on last page. Most of this was done using Canva.

Flying Fork Poster

A poster design for my favorite menu design.

Black Boxes

Use 4 black boxes to describe the given word 6x.

Collage Poster

A collage of Miley Cyrus over the years.

Billboard for Collage

Billboard designs for my Miley Cyrus collage.

Skateboard Logo

3 different logo designs. I couldn’t think of a good name, but I went with Starboardz.

Skateboard Designs

Putting the Starboardz logo in action. Board #1 – Little dipper, Board #2 – Galaxy, Board #3 – Stoplight galaxies